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We would like to take a break from all the negativity in the news and talk about something we are really excited about.  The Concord Monitor ‘Cappies’ Survey is now available online!  The Concord Monitor is our largest circulated, 100+ year-old, Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper.  They have just released a new subject in their Cappies business awards — ‘Best Natural Supplements’.  

cappies survey

For the first time ever, our business, Natural Wellness Corner,  has an opportunity to receive a Cappies award.   We would be truly honored if you could take a few minutes out of your day to vote for us in the Best Natural Supplements category!  This is a great opportunity to do something fun with your family and support your local businesses.  Cast your vote HERE.

Cappies business survey - Natural wellness corner staff

We truly appreciate you as a valued member of our Natural Wellness Corner family and thank you for your support.

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[COVID-19] Natural Wellness Corner Remains Open

It is critically important during this time of self-isolation that we focus on things we can control instead of worrying about things we can’t. We should take a pro-active approach to our health by working to strengthen our immune system. We have a list of do’s and don’ts to keep you healthy and a list of supplements to support your immune system. Remember, the idea is all about physical social isolation, not eliminating social connection.

The Next Chapter of Natural Wellness Corner

In an effort to provide our customers with the very best natural health products and services, we’re excited to announce a series of upgrades online and in our store. Read more about our latest improvements.

My Path to Natural Wellness

As a pharmacist, I noticed that little was being done to prevent disease or treat the root of my patients’ medical issues. Instead of masking their symptoms, why not address their underlying health imbalances?

Cappies Business Survey

About Us

We are holistic wellness center dedicated to delivering personalized counseling, quality natural supplements, and the best in integrative health services.

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