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The Basic 4 - Bundle $124.99
Nutritionist-Recommended Supplements It's easier to stay well than get well!

Nutritionist-Recommended Supplements

It's easier to stay well than get well! Are you covering the basics? The typical American diet is deficient in important nutrients. These nutrients keep you healthy and help fight disease. With only four capsules a day, you can be proactive in your health! Product bundles includes:  


         1. Vitamin D3 5,000iu (100 caps)Boost your immunity and support bone health naturally with these highly-absorbable Vitamin D-3 soft-gels.

         -Recommended use: 1 capsule with breakfast (100 day supply)                                                                                                                                                                                        

          2. Ultra Pure® Fish Oil 800 TG (90 caps): Support your heart health, brain function, skin and joint health with this omega-3, made from purified fish oil.

         -Recommended use: 1 capsule with breakfast (90 day supply)

           3.  The BIG ONE® Multivitamin (90 caps): A powerful multivitamin packed with vitamins, antioxidants, energy-providing B-vitamins, and minerals. Formulated for maximum absorption!

          -Recommended use: 1 capsule with breakfast (90 day supply)            4. PureProbiotic (60 caps): Packed with healthy intestinal bacteria! Strengthens the immune system, helps digest food, reduces risk of infection, helps a healthy bowel habit, and more!, these probiotics provide over 5 billion CFU of helpful bacteria.            -Recommended use: 1 capsule one hour before bed (60 day supply ) - Keep refrigerated!



Allergy & Immunity, Digestion & GI, Essential Fatty Acids, Joint, Minerals & Vitamins, Mood & Mental Support, Stress Management, Vitamins
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