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Nutrition Services

Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

When your health concerns deserve more time and attention, our nutritional pharmacist can navigate your journey back to health and wellness. We provide private wellness and fitness coaching, personalized nutrition plans and custom dietary recommendations.

Blood Sugar Management & Weight Loss Counseling

Our program offers a specific dietary, exercise, and lifestyle approach that allows you to achieve blood sugar management and weight loss goals without the need to constantly count carbs or calories. Our method focuses on balanced nutrition, reducing hunger, and curbing sugar cravings, providing a sustainable and enjoyable way to eat well.

30 Minute Wellness Consultation

Do you need just quick health guidance? Looking for help with supplements, drug interactions, or dietary advice for managing your health? A 30 minute consult with our pharmacist and clinical nutritionist might be right for you!

Nutritional supplements

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Additional Services

Bowen Body Work

Bowen Body Work™ is a holistic body technique that applies gentle pressure to the body’s soft tissues, muscles and ligaments. Bowen can provide relief for a variety of health conditions. It promotes natural healing and addresses the root of your discomfort, not just the symptoms.

Lab Tests

Testing helps you understand what’s going on inside your body. Our easy to use tests can be done at our location or in the comfort of your own home. 

Genetic testing for your nutrition, fitness, and health
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Delayed Food Allergies
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Vitamin D Test
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