Integrative Services

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At the Natural Wellness Corner, we’re here to help heal the root cause of your health condition, rather than just mask your symptoms. Read on to learn about our popular integrative services.

Use your health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA) for wellness counseling and Bowen Body Work!

Personalized Wellness Consultations

When your health concerns deserve more time and attention, our in-house nutritionist, pharmacist and herbalist can navigate your journey back to health and wellness. We provide private wellness coaching, personalized nutrition plans and custom dietary recommendations.

HEALINGBowen Body Work

Bowen Body Work™ is a holistic body technique that applies gentle pressure to the body’s soft tissues, muscles and ligaments. Bowen can provide relief for a variety of health conditions. It promotes natural healing and addresses the root of your discomfort, not just the symptoms.