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Personalized Nutrition ConsultPersonalized Nutrition Consult$250.00$1,000.00
Why choose a Personalized Nutrition Consult? A Personalized Nutrition Consult gives you in...

Why choose a Personalized Nutrition Consult?

A Personalized Nutrition Consult gives you individualized care for health and wellness. When it comes to health, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. Every case is unique. Our consults include: One-On-One Personal Meeting One on one in-depth meeting focused on your needs. We use an extensive questionnaire to assess your symptoms, needs, lifestyle, and goals. Personalized Plans & Goals You receive a personalized health plan based on your current lifestyle, treatments, prescriptions, goals, and health history. Symptom Reduction & Better Quality of Life Symptom reduction and better quality of life is the primary goal. We track your progress and make changes to your plan as you hit your goals. Please select whether this is your first appointment, a follow-up, or a bundle of four appointments (one appointment free). For locals of NH:  For those within driving distance, you have the option of doing your consult in person. When you purchase your appointment, whether through our website or in-store, you'll recieve on-boarding emails from our health portal (please note the emails may take up to 48 hours to arrive). You'll be asked to fill out forms and questionnaires before your appointment will be booked. These forms provide a comprehensive look into your health, goals, and concerns. Once you've completed the forms, you'll receive a phone call to set up your appointement time. At your appointment, you'll receive a personalized lifestyle and diet protocol focused on your goals and ability. The protocol will also be posted on your health portal, and you'll have access to your own diet and exercise tracker. For those remote: Almost everything is the same as for locals, with the exceptions being you will only be able to purchase the consult through our website and your consult will be via phone. You will have access to the same health portal, assessments, and diet trackers. If you'd like to learn more, click here!
A one on one private consultation with Marty Donovan- Clinical Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Herbalis...
A one on one private consultation with Marty Donovan- Clinical Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Herbalist with 20+ years of experience.
  • Before the consultation you should organize your questions, prescriptions, supplements and health concerns.
  • During the consultation the nutritionist will ask you questions and answer your own.
  • We will contact you after the purchase to schedule the consult.
  • You can specify in the notes if you prefer to be contacted by phone or email for scheduling.
  • It can be by phone or walk-in if you are local to Concord NH.
  • Hours of operation for consultations are usually Monday-Friday 9am-2:30pm
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