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Life Span Whey Protein
Life Span Whey Protein Wellness Shake$48.98
The Life Span Whey Protein Wellness Shake is a delicious, all-natural protein shake is packed with 2...
The Life Span Whey Protein Wellness Shake is a delicious, all-natural protein shake is packed with 21 grams of whey protein and a full spectrum of essential amino acids. Each shake contains high biological value whey protein, which may positively impact energy levels, immune function, and speed of recovery from physical activity. Available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors.
  • Sweetened with Stevia (no sugar or aspartame added)
  • 100% cold filtered whey protein isolate
  • High protein, low carb, and lactose free
  • Provides nonessential, semi-essential and essential amino acids
Serving Size: 1 scoop (21 grams of protein per serving) Manufacturer: Life Span Natrul Health NOTE: Whey Protein Wellness Shakes by Life Span do not have an expiry date. It has a manufacture date stamped on the base in the form of “MFG day/month/ year.” The shelf life is 3 years. It is manufactured only a few times a year, so it is not unusual to receive a product manufactured several months ago as it moves through the distribution system.
Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Protein Drinks, Weight LossGluten Free, No Artificial Sweeteners
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