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Meet Our Staff

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We are a family-owned center focused on supporting you through holistic and natural solutions. Our staff is dedicated to helping you get healthy and thrive. We work closely with clients to bring you the best in effective, natural medicine, and the latest in healthy living. We take pride in offering the safest, premium supplements, and look forward to supporting your path to health and wellness.

Martin Donovan RPh, DCN, Dip. Herb.

Owner, Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist & Herbalist

Meet the only Nutritional Pharmacist in the state! Martin “Marty” Donovan bought The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy in 1982. After years of being a community pharmacist, he became a clinical nutritionist and herbalist to help his clients address underlying health imbalances and promote healing through natural means. In 2001, he opened the Natural Wellness Corner to better serve the Concord community. 

Andrea Fifield

Natural Health Specialist

Andrea has been with the Natural Wellness Corner family for over 30 years, and now plays a vital role in our daily operations. As the heart and soul behind the counter, she works tirelessly to help our customers with their health and wellness needs. She is well-known and loved by the community, and makes sure every new customer feels at home.

Colleen (Lena) Donovan, BSc, BA

Clinical Nutritionist & Natural Health Coordinator

Lena has worked at the Natural Wellness Corner for 14 years. She holds both a Bachelors in Nutrition and in Psychology with published research, and she is currently getting her Masters in Personalized Nutrition. She also completed a post-bacceularate fellowship at NIH in Behavioral Neuroscience and Genomics. Her main focus is on how nutrition and environment affects mental health, genetics, and chronic illness.

Gabriel Ciobanu

Natural Health Specialist & Business Analyst

Gabriel studied health sciences at University Alexandru Ioan Cuza and brings a decade of experience in customer service and business management.  

Kimberly Donovan

Natural Health Specialist

Kimberly is Marty’s wife and has worked side by side with him since 1982. 

Restoring wellness and balance
to our community.

As a family-owned and family-loved business, our roots and care run deep. We take pride in supporting our local and regional communities, and educating our customers on safe, natural medicine. We are here to provide only the best in holistic services, thoroughly-tested natural supplements, and science-based nutritional education.