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We now offer Nutrigenomix testing!

Nutrigenomix: Eat According To Your Genes

Knowledge applied is power.

By knowing your genes through nutrigenomix, you possess the power to prevent health issues, manage current ones, and reach new heights in your health journey.

A lifetime can be spent trying to figure yourself out…

What foods will make you feel the best? What foods should be avoided? Are you more at risk for certain injuries than others? And advice coming from the “one size fits all” approach only adds to the confusion. Nutrigenomix bypasses the frustration by revealing your genetic secrets. This way, you can achieve your health goals with clarity and confidence.

Using cutting edge research, Nutrigenomix gives you the opportunity to achieve your best self. How? By uncovering your genetic secrets.

Genes. We all have them. We all need them. Our DNA contains the recipes which enable our bodies to function. But our genes are not identical. Genetic variation is where we becomes me. And you.

For the same reason your hair is curly, straight, or maybe nonexistent, you also have specific nutrition and lifestyle preferences. By unlocking your hidden code through Nutrigenomix, you can use your uniqueness to your advantage. The result? Discovering your health’s greatest potential.

Unlocking your genetic secrets


Dare to imagine all that you can be. And then surpass your imaginings by maximizing your genetic potential with Nutrigenomix.

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