Our Story: From Pharmacy to Concord's Natural Wellness Center.

Health and wellness are
not one-size-fits-all.

Martin in his pharmacy in Concord 1982

From Pharmacy to Nutrition & Wellness

Everyone deserves the best nutrition and and wellness. Since we started as a pharmacy in 1982, we became a go-to for walk-in health advice. When Marty, the pharmacist, realized his customers needed guidance with nutrition and wellness alongside their presciption guidance, he went back to school and got his degrees in clinical nutrition and herbology and became the first and only Nutritional Pharmacist in New Hampshire. As a result, he opened a wellness center & nutrition practice in 2001 and the Wellness Corner was born. We've gone through some changes along the way. There's no shortage of pharmacies in Concord, but there's still nutrition and health gaps. Because of this, we closed the pharmacy in 2019 and opened the expanded, re-branded Natural Wellness Corner. But our Concord wellness center still holds the pharmacy walk-in policy: anyone who comes in needing guidance or education from our nutritionists will get it.

Granda Opening of Natural Wellness Corner 2001

From Prescriptions to Professional Supplements

Prescription medications are heavily regulated, studied, and consistent. As a result, the same prescription, no matter where it's filled, will be the same. But the same cannot be said about supplements. We go in-depth in our post regarding consistency, safety, and efficacy, but the bottom line in the supplement industry is not regulated. For this reason, we only carry third-party tested, professional-grade supplements. Beyond premium, verified natural health products, Marty provides an unmatched level of expertise as our in-house pharmacist, nutritionist and herbalist. Few retailers can guide customers with his compassion and care–even fewer still can match his knowledge on balancing prescription drugs with natural supplements for maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects. When a Concord neighbor needs advice on supplements that won’t interfere with medications or health conditions, they seek out Marty. 

Concord Nutritionists

From Pharmaceutical Counseling to Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

Health solutions are not "one size fits all". We work on an individual level to help our customers feel healthy again. Everyone should have access to high-quality nutrition education. As a result, we strive to provide natural, safe care to promote wellness for everyone through our counseling services. 

Restoring wellness and balance
to our community.

As a family-owned and family-loved business, our roots and care run deep. We take pride in supporting our local and regional communities, and educating our customers on safe, natural medicine. We are here to provide only the best in holistic services, thoroughly-tested natural supplements, and science-based nutritional education.