Our Story

Dedicated to natural medicine.
Dedicated to your health.

Health and wellness are
not one-size-fits-all.

Beginning in the mid-1990s, after decades as the pharmacist and owner of The Medicine Shoppe, Marty noticed a pattern among his customers: Patients came in for prescriptions only to return days later with unwanted side effects and new health issues. More and more, patients would ask about mixing natural supplements, such as herbs and vitamins, with prescription drugs, without the understanding of how they would affect their bodies.

As a pharmacist, Marty was committed to helping his customers manage their health problems and symptoms. However, little was being done to prevent disease and treat the root of their medical issues. Why not address their health imbalances instead of masking symptoms or taking medicine that makes the patient sicker? 

Thus, Marty began rigorous training in natural medicine and herbology. After attending dozens of training practicums and seminars, and logging hundreds of hours studying under the foremost authorities in natural medicine, Marty received diplomas in both Clinical Nutrition (DCN) and Herbology (Dip. Herb.).

In 2001 the Natural Wellness Corner was born, and Marty began serving Concord with his unmatched knowledge of holistic care and nutrition therapy. Marty worked with patients to correct their underlying medical conditions through high-quality nutritional supplements, along with changes to diet, exercise, and lifestyles. In moving beyond disease maintenance, he helped them address the fundamental imbalances that prevented their health and wellness. 

Over the last two decades, the Natural Wellness Corner has grown to become New Hampshire’s most trusted source for professional nutritional advice and natural supplements. Not only do our customers turn to us for science-based nutritional advice, but for education and community. We treat you like family because you matter to us.

Restoring wellness and balance
to our community.

As a family-owned and family-loved business, our roots and care run deep. We take pride in supporting our local and regional communities, and educating our customers on safe, natural medicine. We are here to provide only the best in holistic services, thoroughly-tested natural supplements, and science-based nutritional education.