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Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Counseling Bundle

$1000 for 4 Sessions

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5 Month Blood Sugar Management & Weight Loss Bundle

$1449 for 6 months (meet every 2 weeks)

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3 Month Blood Sugar Management & Weight Loss Bundle

$999 for 3 months (meet every 2 weeks)

Pay As You Go Nutrition Counseling

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Pay as you go personalized nutrition
Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Counseling Initial Appointment

$500 Initial session, $250 Follow-up

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Blood Sugar Management & Weight Loss Initial Appointment

$240 Initial session, $120 Follow-up

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30 Minute Consult

$120 / 30 minutes

For brief concerns that don’t require a full assessment

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What is Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition Counseling Basis Graphic: addressing root cause, establishing sustainable habits, achieving your goals

Nutrition counseling is the process of addressing your nutrition-related concerns with evidenced-based interventions. At Natural Wellness Corner, you will work with a licensed healthcare professional with specialized nutrition training. The basics of our nutrition counseling are as follows:

  1. Addressing root causes: when addressing nutrition concerns, getting to the root of the issue is the first step. This can be diet, lifestyle, your relationship with food, and educational gaps that prevent you from reaching your goals. 
  2. Building sustainable habits: health is a lifelong project. Instead of crash diets that only address short-term, we help you build habits to support your health through your lifetime.
  3. Achieving your goals: the ultimate end of counseling is to reach your goals. We help you develop goals that address your concerns but are also within your capabilities. Goals are not universal and are very specific to each individual. 
Concord Nutritionists

Meet Your Nutritionists!

Marty Donovan R.Ph, DCN, Dip Herb
Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist

Marty specializes in chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and gastrointestinal disorders. His background as a pharmacist allows him to help you navigate health changes while maintaining medication safety.

Colleen (Lena) Donovan BSc, BA, CNS-c

Lena is currently completing her masters and hours to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is working under the guidance of Marty and specializes in mental health, weight loss, and gastrointestinal disorders.


Do you take insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance. If your insurance covers nutrition counseling, we will provide you with a superbill to submit for reimbursement. 

What does nutrition counseling entail?

When you sign up, we will take a health history through a questionnaire that includes your concerns and goals. Your initial appointment will establish a personalized plan based on your unique needs and circumstance. Each follow-up will track your progress and make changes to your plan as needed.

Your comfort with both your progress and the interventions are of the utmost priority.

I don't live in New Hampshire, can you still see me?

Yes, Marty can work with you even if you’re outisde New Hampshire. 

Lena is unable to work with people in the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Wyoming, Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

What's the difference between a Clinical Nutritionist, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Registered Dietitian?

The Diploma in Clinical Nutrition (DCN) is earned by already licensed healthcare practitioners who specialize in nutrition counseling. 

A Certified Nutrition Specialist is a healthcare practitioner with a minimum of a Masters in Nutrition and licensed through the American Nutrition Association. They specialize in personalized nutrition and private practice. 

A Registered Dietitian is a healthcare practitioner that is licensed through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. They specialize in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and can work in both in-patient and out-patient settings. 


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