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Mission & Values

Natural Wellness Corner's Mission & Values Statement

Health solutions are not “one size fits all”. You deserve to have your individual needs and concerns addressed in a safe, natural way. We will work with you individually to discover what concerns you have and what you need to feel healthy again. We believe everyone should have access to nutrition education. For this reason, we provide complimentary guidance to anyone who walks in our door. We strive to provide natural, safe care to promote wellness for everyone

How We Fullfill Our Mission & Values

Our wellness center focuses on promoting health and wellness. Within our Concord small business, we work with clients to help teach healthy lifestyles and to support health through nutrition and healthy habits. As our primary nutritionist is also a pharmacist, we are especially concerned with the safety of our supplements and how they may interact with prescription medications.

Concord Nutritionists

Our Clinical Nutritionists, Lena and Marty, standing  in front of their degrees and credentials

Our Commitment to Your Health

Find Your Relief

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Here, you’ll always be listened to and every pain and concern addressed with compassion. Whatever you need to find your relief, we’ll help you get there. 

Find Your Health

Once you’ve lost your health, it can be so hard to get it back. You may not even know what’s wrong, but you know you’re not well. 

We help you focus on your health, define your goals, and address your health concerns. We achieve this through personalized service, personalized products, and personalized nutrition and wellness counseling. As a result, we help you find your health again. 

Find Your Natural self

Your body has an awesome ability to heal. Often, just giving it what it needs to heal can change your life. 

We strive to support your natural health needs with holistic services, premium and thoroughly-tested natural supplements, and science-based nutrition education. We give you what you need, so you feel like your natural self again.

NWC Mission & Values

Everything about our mission and values serves you on an individual level. With us, you can rest assured that you will get the health and wellness you deserve.